Custody Issues

Divorce causes a lot of upset for not only the couple involved but children, immediate family, friends etc.   No-one thinks they will get divorced when they marry as they have such high hopes, unfortunately, life can sometimes not work out as you hoped.

Legal Representation

You must speak to a divorce lawyer who specialises in family law when thinking the separation could lead to divorce.  You could be avoiding it just now, but long-term if things get really nasty you don’t want to kick yourself and think you wish you had acted sooner.

Divorce Solicitors will advise on property, children, assets, stocks and shares and pensions etc.  These things are all assets that you have spent years accumulating and now you may be in a position of losing at least 50% of it all.  Nobody wants to be in this situation, but each set of lawyer teams will be out for what they can get their client re security for the future.

Taken a Career Break?

If you have taken a career break to raise a family, some lawyers want you to put a value on that time spent at home.  In effect, you may have put your earning capability for the future in jeopardy.  Of course, you are thinking of the family unit, but in the cold light of day, are you now going to suffer?  Normally things are split 50/50 unless its special circumstances.

Debt is taken into consideration and any guarantees on property etc.  The cost of getting divorced is expensive, but you normally have to be legally separated first and that can cost a few thousand pounds.  You need to be legally separated so the other party doesn’t run up debt that you are 50% liable for in the time you are living apart.

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