Post-Nuptial Agreement

Returned to Work?

If your living situation has changed dramatically since you married, you want to get a post-nuptial agreement.  Especially if you have a prenuptial agreement.  Life changes constantly, you may now have children, a very large mortgage, stocks and shares along with pensions and endowment policies.  If you were at one point the stay at home parent, but now roles have been reversed, you may want to consider all aspects in the event you may separate in the future, due to no fault of your own.

Check legal documents

Double check what you have signed when living together or married.  If your signature is on documents that you have willingly signed, then you are liable.  It is amazing how many times our loved one will say “can you sign this quickly?” and we do it.  Do your due diligence and fact find for your own peace of mind.

Prepare for the future

It may be considered negative, but if you are in a position of earning a lot of income, you should think about the future and ensure it is fair and clean cut for both parties.  If you have the post-nuptial agreement in place it is so much simpler to separate as you have already agreed key points and you don’t have endless months of lawyers talking to each other and trying to come up with compromises that they feel is fair to their client.

It is always better to be prepared and safeguard your future, there is no harm in being completely realistic about the fact that life can throw massive curveballs, and you need to adapt to look after yourself.  Make sure you are dealing with a reputable family lawyer who will communicate clearly and will be helpful, you don’t want to feel you are being a pest by looking for communication and guidance.